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Home is not a place, home is a feeling.

Following their passion for design and love for architectural planning, Shira Muskal and Hadas Roth founded their business partnership in 2004: Halel Architecture and Interior Design.

Since then to date, they have been planning and creating extraordianry projects, and above all having great time along the way.

Halel’s studio takes pride in its highly experienced female-based team of designers and architects. Our great team of professionals is the key to the success of both residential and commercial projects.

Our home is with us all day.

The studio’s agenda is based on the idea of belonging. Owning a house or apartment is not enough. Belonging is expressed in a meaningful process of choices and personal decisions. The emphasis is on the journey as much as on the result itself. An enriching, defined, daring, and immersive process will lead to the creation of a beloved and desirable space.

New Life for Existing Properties

Halel’s studio specializes in residential projects, focusing primarily on the redesign of existing properties, including houses and apartments. Our expertise involves identifying the potential of a property, finding the planning solution, estimating costs and timelines, and managing the entire project. The whole process is based on the vast knowledge, extensive experience, and abilities of Shira, Hadas, and the professional team, providing clients with peace of mind and security throughout the planning and execution stages. In this holistic process, while overseeing all project elements, the studio also handles the planning of private homes and new apartments.

Building Quietly without pressure and constraints.

Our clients enjoy an empowering and exciting process, and a service that includes planning, design, and project management from start to finish. The service includes participating in real estate property tenders in every field, evaluating proposals, summarizing the work, and maintaining direct communication and updates with the site and production throughout the project. The professional team that accompanies the project execution goes beyond the conventional definition with expertise, punctuality, decency, and pleasant personal communication.

Halel’s Studio specializes in working with property developers for the planning and interior design of various projects, including residential complexes, lobbies, shared spaces, and model houses (show homes)

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Address: 2 Zarhin St, Ra’anana. Acro Real Estate Ofiice – Second Floor

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