Our most successful projects began with consulting before purchase

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Purchasing a house is your most significant financial investment.
Make sure you're purchasing the right property.

Watch the video and discover how important it is to inspect and examine a property before purchasing.

Watch the video and discover how important it is to inspect and examine a property before purchasing.

Pre-purchase consultation is based on decades of experience and thousands of homes we’ve planned and designed to provide you with peace of mind and confidence when making the important decision to purchase a property.

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Our variety of architectural solutions began with pre-purchase consultation.

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What else does pre-purchase consultation include?

Understanding your rights

It’s important to understand the potential additional rights that the property may have, which can be utilized at this stage or later on.

Timetable for planning and execution

Proper planning of timetables allows for accurate estimations. It’s important to emphasize and consider the timescales for all stages of the process.

Examination of the environmental location

Location is one of the most, if not the most, important parameters influencing the value of the property and the quality of life.

Detailed cost estimation

It’s important to enter the process with knowledge and understanding of the detailed and personalized budget required.

The potential suitability of the property

A property whose potential has not yet been realized may be purchased at a low price and increase significantly in value after renovation and enhancement.

Comparison between properties

The best way to examine a property for purchase is to evaluate several options and, among them, pinpoint the property whose advantages lead by several parameters.

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The leading office manages fascinating projects in the realms of residential, entrepreneurial, and commercial sectors, accumulating over 20 years of experience in the field.

Thanks to many years of experience, the office specializes in property assessment and inspection prior to purchase. This begins with a comprehensive view and includes examining all visible and hidden details to determine whether the investment is worthwhile and what are the most appropriate enhancement solutions for your property.

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